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Birthdate:Jun 6
Klaus, or Lord Niklaus as some call him, is one of the oldest vampires in existence and a member of the original family of vampires. But he's more than that. So much more. Klaus is the result of his mother's affair with a werewolf, and is a true hybrid. For centuries, his werewolf powers were bound by the moonstone, however, and for centuries he relentlessly tried to break the curse. He came close when he met Katerina Petrova in the 15th century, but she managed to foil his plans by becoming a vampire and escaping with the moonstone. His next chance came over five centuries later when he heard of a new Petrova doppelganger - Elena Gilbert. This time, he was successful, and once his werewolf powers were unleashed, he could go about his next task: creating more hybrids.

No one knows for sure how old Klaus is, save perhaps his family. They won't tell, however, since he's neutralized all of them except his sister, Rebekah. The only person he fears is the vampire-turned-hunter Mikael, as he is the only one who knows a way to kill him. As far as everyone else is concerned, Klaus is invincible.

[This journal is for RP purposes only. No money is made of it, and no copyright infringement is intended. Klaus belongs to CW, and Joseph Morgan belongs to himself. Both Mun and muse are well over 18.]
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